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Color-coated steel tile machine working principle of pressure

Author: Date:2010-12-12 22:57:41

Cold-formed steel is the production of the main material of light steel structure, using steel plate or strip made of cold-formed shape. C-beam machine manufacturer of its very thin wall thickness can be produced, but also greatly simplified the production process, improve production efficiency. Can be produced using an ordinary hot-rolled methods are difficult to produce uniform wall thickness, but the complex cross section shapes and different materials of various profile-based color steel cold-formed device.

Color-coated steel tile machine bench press there are six processes, (ie, six-wheel) table upsets addition to a mechanical indexing, positioning, it also set up a set of precise positioning mechanism, complete the stamping process to ensure that every time , table mold accurate positioning, installation of the slide tower was the box model structure, slide sets and the body guide rails, contact length of the large, on every stamping die, stamping processes on the Nipi have that on the second mode for the first time pressed tile blank in place, the model increased by 10 mm, so that the full exhaust Nipi, after further downward pressure on the mold blank tile in place before I return to the highest position, and therefore die long life, to suppress the products of good quality . Color-coated steel tile machine will be to configure a set of pressure lubrication system, the machine running automatically on all load bearing, transmission gears and other parts of body movement for rail lubrication.

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