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slitting line

slitting line slitting line
Product name:slitting line


A slitting line is used to break down master coils into smaller coils of a particular width, that an end user such as a metal stamper, tube producer, rollforming house can use in its production of some type of finished good. Slitters range from 8" in width to 84", master coil weights can range from 3,000# to 80,000#. Flat rolled steel can be produced up to 7/8" thick to .006 specialty metals. Speed ranges can be up to 2,000 feet per minute, or as low as 100 feet per minute, depending on the desired processing.


Modern Fully Automated Coil Slitting Line The Fimi Slitting Line consists of 600 - 1600mm wide, 0.40-3.25mm thick, NLT Robotic Auto Tool Change, Butech Scrap Chopper, 30 ton Coils, etc.

This Fimi Slitting Line had been extensively upgraded and modernised in 2002 at a substantial cost with no expense spared and comes from a highly reputable manufacturer who are one of the largest stainless steel mills in the world and rated 'Best in Class' and occupy pole position in Stainless Steel products globally.

Machine specification

The Equipment comprises the following
  • Maker:xinshijie
  • Material: Stainless Steel 200/300/400 series in cold rolled or softened condition
  • Strip Width Range: 600mm - 1600mm
  • Gauge Range: 0.40mm - 3.25mm
  • Entry Coil Weight: 30,000kg
  • Maximum Entry Coil OD: 2100mm
  • Decoiling Mode: Under/Over
  • Exit Strip Width: 40mm - 1524mm
  • Exit Coil Weight: 30,000kg
  • Maximum Line Speed: 175/350m/min
  • Slitting Modes: Drive (loop) or Pull Through (Tight Line)
  • Tooling: Shimless
  • Slitting Head: AutoTool Change with 4 Capstan
  • Tool Setting: NLT and Robotic Tooling
  • Scrap Disposal: Butech Scrap Chopper
  • Plastic Applicator: Top Side Only
  • Paper Interleaver: 3 Position Carousel with Paper Cutting Knives
  • Strip Printer: Willet Ink Jet
  • Slitting Tolerances: Excellent - details upon request
  • Edge Burr: Within 5% of material thickness
Together with all available spares, drawings, manuals and technical documentation.
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